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Jun porcelain turquoise fambed green glaze teapot

  • STS040075-1
  • STS040072-1
  • STS040070-1
  • STS040071-1
  • STS040075-1
  • STS040072-1
  • STS040070-1
  • STS040071-1

Jun porcelain turquoise fambed green glaze teapot


  • Model No.:STS040075-1/STS040072-1/STS040070-1STS040071-1
  • Material:Porcelain
  • Color:Green
  • Craft:Fembed glaze
  • Content:Single porcelain tea pot
  • Size:L14.5*H8.5cm
  • Capacity:200ml
  • Weight:200g
  • Packing:Gift packing (can be customized)
  • MOQ:10pcs
  • Description
  • Jun porcelain, one of the "Five Great Kilns " in Chinese Song Dynasty. 

    These series teapots are applied with turquoise fambed glaze with gold spots.

    Four styles of ceramic teapots are available: beauty shoulder teapot, Jinglan teapot, Hanwa teapot, and Jufu teapot. 

    The texture of these porcelain tea pots are elegant, smooth and fambed glaze. 

    The fambed glaze can not be controlled by human, thus each one of the teapot are one of a kind. 

    Without complicated patterns, this monochrome glaze ceramic teapot shows the original beauty of the tea ware. 

    The unique-designed ceramic tea pot can be matched with 2, 4 or 6 tea cups, and ceramic tea tray is available. 

    Suitable for tea pot gift sets. Safety packing or gift packing can be customized, OEM or ODM are accepted. 




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